Cerrone vs. Medeiros Best UFC Draw Ever in Austin

Cerrone vs. Medeiros Best UFC Draw Ever in Austin

Tonight's main event Austin, Texas was promoted as a fighter's fight with two of the sport's most game prize fighters and while the fight didn't last long, but it's safe to say that the fight didn't disappoint.

Spinning kick from Medeiros lands to the body.

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The switch was complete when he scored a missile of a right hand right on Medeiros" chin, wobbling and dropping him for "Cowboy' to pour on the ground stoppage enough for the referee to call off the action nearly right when the first frame ended. Now a chopping leg kick for "Cowboy". Cerrone simply sent Medeiros over the cage to receive a greeting from his grandmother sitting in the crowd. Seconds later, he landed a jab right in his face. Medeiros pressuring with punches. The pair embraced in a hug before the fight in a show of respect, but once underway, Medeiros came forward early. Cerrone seems to land and mediros slips and falls to the mat, but Cerrone lets him up and gives him a huge before they get back to it. "That's what Yancy and I both look for and hey you know what's cool is I just tied for most wins in UFC history", said Donald Cerrone. They separate and Cerrone is right back onto the attack. He tries to find a home for a few left hands, but doesn't connect. A left hand lands for Cerrone and Medeiros catches Cowboy with a nice shot.

After both fighters traded big punches in the closing seconds of Round 1, Cerrone caught Medeiros with a looping left hook behind the head and a ideal right cross on the chin to floor him.

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