Who is Rachel Dolezal, subject of new 'transracial' documentary on Netflix?

Who is Rachel Dolezal, subject of new 'transracial' documentary on Netflix?

She had previously claimed she was the victim of nine hate crimes, but an investigation by police did not back up her allegations.

The Dolezal controversy exploded during the summer of 2015 when her parents confirmed their daughter was a biologically white woman.

The Rachel Divide begins streaming April 27 on Netflix.

Dolezal contended amid the saga that she still identified as being black, suggesting race should not be defined by one's DNA, but left her job with the NAACP shortly after her family history emerged.

Here are some of the most hilarious tweets about Ms. Rachel and her continuous trolling of us.

Part of would-be viewers's negative reactions, it seems, come from the fact that Rachel may be agreeing to exploit the turmoil her children feel about these topics (as evidenced from the released clip) for the sake of publicity. "She is not one of them".

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The trailer for her documentary, titled "The Rachel Divide", received fewer than 500 likes and more than 1,300 dislikes on YouTube at press time. Actor Patricia Arquette chimed in on Twitter too, writing, "I hope people steer clear of this Rachel Dolezal thing".

Black or white, Rachel will forever be a controversial figure. "There are thousands of fascinating women with incredible stories to tell who deserve attention".

Rachel Dolezal is set to be the subject of a new Netflix documentary called The Rachel Divide - but who is she and why is she famous? "Why don't you take all that money and put it towards projects made by real black women?"

The documentary's announcement has provoked quite a strong response. Soon, she was the subject of hashtags, memes and late-night punch lines as many people in America were in disbelief at her transracial charade.

The new documentary is the culmination of filmmaker Laura Brownson recording Dolezal and her family for the past two years. He points out that her "trans-racial" request hasn't just affected her life, but also his.

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