Columbia, Maryland ranks among happiest cities in U.S., according to WalletHub report

Columbia, Maryland ranks among happiest cities in U.S., according to WalletHub report

WalletHub's 2018 Happiest Cities in America study honors International Day of Happiness that will be celebrated next Tuesday, March 20.

The results were also bundled into "emotional and physical well-being", "income and employment" and "community and environment" categories. In today's release, WalletHub reported that the data is based on a collection of depression rates, income-growth, and average leisure time spent per day.

- A Maryland city has been ranked among the happiest in the United States. Pearl City's fourth place ranking was a part of WalletHub's 2018 Happiest Cities in America study. San Jose, Calif., placed third overall and first on "physical and well-being".

16 out of the 182 cities surveyed.

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To make the list, WalletHub rated more than 180 of the largest cities in the USA on 28 key indicators of happiness, including everything from the rate of people who got adequate sleep to the average amount of hours worked each week and the separation and divorce rates.

"The U.S. Declaration of Independence speaks about the "pursuit of happiness" as a universal right everyone gets joy from different things, whether it's family, friends, activities, entertainment or work", according to WalletHub's website. Just remember that what makes some people happy might not make you happy: You might prefer a friendlier city, even if it doesn't offer as much financial security as a less welcoming community.

Location plays a key role in happiness, according to WalletHub, which gave double weight to indicators including adequate sleep, depression and income growth rates.

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