The Switch Parental Controls App Might Have Revealed System Firmware 5.0.0

The Switch Parental Controls App Might Have Revealed System Firmware 5.0.0

With the Switch, Nintendo is back in the game, so to speak: the console has propelled the games-maker to its former glory with monumental sales and global acclaim.

The Nintendo Switch is now the hottest thing in the world, with a number of hybrid functions.

Because the Switch offers both traditional home console and handheld play, it seems like it would be the ideal media player.

Would you like the Netflix app on Switch? Before the Switch the console gaming space was dominated by the PS4 vs Xbox One battle-a battle which Microsoft was losing-but now Nintendo will push Xbox to the third least that's what IHS Markit predicts. Imagine: it could be great for watching movies during the weekend - just pop it in its dock and get the popcorn ready - or catching up on the latest crime drama during long commutes. Play-Time Limit restrictions will still apply even when the software title has been whitelisted.

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Netflix, which is the most popular streaming app in the world make the user scratch their head as the app is not available in the Switch.

Well, according to an interview with Netflix VP of device partnerships Scott Mirer, video has not been a priority for Nintendo during the console's first year. Mirer said that Nintendo was more focused on gaming and this focus may change in the near future.

Here's all of the changes coming to the Switch with version 5.0 from the official Nintendo site. The Switch is proving its worth in game zone, but now Nintendo is finding some time to include Netflix app in its Switch which will make the Switch a better console.

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