Barack Obama due to arrive in Sydney

Barack Obama due to arrive in Sydney

Former US President Barack Obama has shared his thoughts on leadership and voiced his support for female executives at an exclusive event in Sydney overnight.

Obama is in New Zealand for a three-day trip centred on a corporate speaking function later tonight organised by the NZ-US Council.

Mr Obama has been in Sydney on a whirlwind trip that began around 1pm yesterday when he flew into the city on a private jet flanked by a motorcade of vans, SUVs and around a dozen police motorbikes.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said he was due to "catch up and have a chat" with the former president. There has been a heavy police presence around the CBD.

He has also played golf with former prime minister John Key.

Turnbull was quick to post a welcome message.

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While some pointed out that he is no longer the POTUS, others argued that all USA presidents retain their title and Obama will always be referred to as "Mr President" or "the President".

The former United States president is set to touch down in Australia on Friday for a private speaking engagement.

Former US President Barack Obama visits Government House and meets with Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern at Mount Eden, Auckland, New Zealand March 22, 2018. When she asked him how he dealt with the guilt of being a parent and a world leader at the same time, he advised her to "do the best you can", reports The Daily Mail.

Actor Sam Neill hosted a private dinner on Thursday night with the former President.

He is on a week-long tour of New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and Japan.

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