Campo Santo will bring Firewatch to the Switch soon

Campo Santo will bring Firewatch to the Switch soon

We know this for sure that everyone is very much excited about Wolfenstein 2 rolling out on Nintendo Switch but what's more exciting is the confirmation of Wolfenstein 2 Gyro Aiming by the game developers.

Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus is a sequel to the popular Wolfenstein The New Order.

In the FAQ, Nintendo says that Switch owners should only use USB-C cables with 56kΩ resistors when charging the Switch. An investor asked GameStop CEO Michael Mauler if the console's excellent attach rate will continue in 2018 as more and more consoles fly off the shelves.

Mauler responded by saying that based on what was being planned for 2018, it was possible that this would continue.

"Yeah, I think that's a fair question with Nintendo".

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"So last year was a tremendous year for the software, as well as hardware between Zelda and Mario Odyssey and all the games that they had really drove a lot of hardware sales, as well as software".

"We don't have really visibility for 2019 yet, but for 2018 it should play out that way".

The Switch looks like it has a strong future with titles like Super Smash Bros., Metroid Prime 4, and Bayonetta 3 on the horizon, but what unannounced titles could Mauler be hinting at? That was one of our few complaints when the Switch first game out-its game library was rather limited, with numerous titles more casual in nature and not super interesting. Currently, there are only a couple of streaming services on the Nintendo Switch. Porting Wolfenstein 2 over further cements the Switch's street cred for high-end gaming, while simultaneously fleshing out its growing catalog of games.

The new title is reportedly being ported to the hybrid console and will be the first COD game available to play on it.

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