Thousands rally against Orban's election victory in Budapest

Thousands rally against Orban's election victory in Budapest

A Hungarian magazine yesterday published more than 200 names of people it claims are likely part of a group that Prime Minister Viktor Orban calls "mercenaries" paid by US-Hungarian billionaire philanthropist George Soros to topple the government.

An estimated 100,000 protesters marched on the parliament on Saturday, chanting "We are the majority", and calling the re-elected prime minister "the dictator".

The organizers of the protest blamed the allegedly unfair election system for his victory as Orban had won a third straight term in power in last week's election. "We want to live in a real democracy", said protest organiser Viktor Gyetvai. "If the demands are not met, then we can not live in this country".

"Zero, zero, zero", 29-year-old Dia Szenasi said about the opposition, adding that all leftist parties should have joined forces to have a better chance of ousting Orban.

A day before the rally, organizers took to Facebook to call for a recount of ballots and a comprehensive modification of the election law in the country.

Demonstrators dissatisfied with last week’s general election result gather at the building of the Hungarian State Opera in downtown Budapest Hungary Saturday April14 2018. Organisers announced the demonstration called “We are the majority! – Pro

Fidesz received 49 percent of national party list votes and its candidates won 91 of 106 single-member constituencies, majority in rural areas.

Alleged irregularities at some polling stations last Sunday as well as an IT system outage at the National Elections Office have prompted some opposition parties to demand a recount.

OSCE observers sharply criticised the election as being marked by "intimidating and xenophobic rhetoric, media bias and opaque campaign financing".

In the election campaign Orban projected himself as the defender of Hungary's Christian culture against Muslim migration into Europe, an image which resonated with millions of voters, especially in rural areas.

Asked about the prospect of forthcoming demonstrations, Mr Orban simply replied: "We won, that's it".

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