Canada pulls diplomat families out of Cuba

Canada pulls diplomat families out of Cuba

Cuba has been designated as an "unaccompanied post" by the Canadian government, meaning the families of Canadian diplomats are not permitted to live with the diplomats. Spouses, children or even parents of diplomats already with them in Havana will begin leaving immediately.

The installation of the new Parliament will take place at the Havana Convention Center, a session in which the 605 deputies elected on March 11 will be sworn in and will elect the 31 members of the State Council, its president and vice-presidents.

In a statement, Global Affairs Canada, which oversees the country's worldwide presence, said medical specialists who examined the sufferers had raised concerns for a new type of a possible acquired brain injury.

Cuba says it is not responsible for the unexplained incidents, but the fallout has led the recall many of its diplomats and expel Cuban representatives from Washington.

They added: Additional research is needed to better understand this.

"The cause remains unknown, but could be human-made", Global Affairs said in a statement.

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About 27 people from 10 diplomatic families underwent testing when some complained of dizziness, headaches and difficulty in concentrating.

The Canadian government has since ruled out such devices and illnesses with psychological origins as possible causes, according to CBC News.

The ministry said Canada had a "positive and constructive relationship" with Cuba and has received close cooperation from the Cuban authorities since the health concerns surfaced in the last northern spring.

The official, who spoke on background, bluntly admitted that nearly a year after the symptoms came to light, the USA and Canadian governments appear no closer to discovering the cause, despite a sizeable investigation by police and diplomatic officials in both countries, aided by the Cubans.

The Cuban embassy in Ottawa did not respond to a request for comment on Monday.

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