Manny Pacquiao's removal of trainer just another ride on the carousel

Manny Pacquiao's removal of trainer just another ride on the carousel

Since then, Pacquiao has been heavily criticized for apparently ending a fruitful 16-year, 34-fight bond with Roach in a media announcement rather than he or anyone else on his team informing Roach of the decision. Pacquiao and Roach had been together ever since, conquering one weight class after another and taking part in numerous biggest fights of the past decade-plus.

"Contrary to statements which I personally did not make that are circulating in the media, I have not made my final decision who will be my head trainer for my July 14 fight with Matthyse", said 'The Pacman'.

Pacquiao said that Koncz is now in contact with Roach's camp. "I will make the final decision within the week", Pacquiao stated.

"There was some concerns Manny had in the last fight and some statements Freddie made to the media that Manny wasn't very pleased about".

Matthysse and his promoter, Oscar De La Hoya, are arriving in Manila on Wednesday for the kickoff of a two-city promotional tour.

As of Sunday, however, Pacquiao was claiming the press release didn't come from him personally. Roach had been in Pacquiao's corner for 34 consecutive fights since his US debut in 2001.

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From 2003 to 2014, during his heyday with Pacquiao, Roach won the Boxing Writers Association of America trainer of the year award a record seven times and was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2012.

Roach is widely considered one of the greatest trainers in recent boxing history.

Koncz, apparently without consulting his client, last week told ESPN: "Buboy Fernandez [an old friend of the fighter] will be handling the training on this fight".

Matthysse, robust and rowdy, wants to send the Filipino legend into retirement in a story that appeared on boxingscene. "Manny learned a lot from Freddie, but he's at the stage where he's going to be ending his career, and I truly believe this: A fighter must only have one voice in the corner and it must be a voice he can trust".

Roach took the high road when it became clear he had been let go.

"I think it is too late now for Manny and Roach to split because they have been together for a long time", he said.

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