California Drivers Are Most Aggressive in US

California Drivers Are Most Aggressive in US

One study finds that drivers are rather aggressive in the Silver State but it could be worse.

That's according to a study by national gas price tracker, which says its research found that Golden State motorists typically mash the accelerator when traffic lights turn green and subsequently speed to their destinations like a doomsday clock was ticking.

GasBuddy points to cities with more congestion likely having drivers who are more aggressive. Those include states with open roads and little congestion: Wyoming, ranked 46th with 17.9 minutes between events and an average speed of 55 miles per hour, and South Dakota, at No. 47 with 19.2 minutes between events and an average speed of 52 miles per hour. The study compiled data from GasBuddy's Trips, which assesses drivers on a three-tier rating system.

The habits include hard braking, speeding and rapid acceleration.

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The report states that California, Connecticut and Georgia top this list.

Utah logged an "aggressive driving" event every 9.6 minutes according to the study.

GasBuddy said the average number of minutes between "aggressive driving events" in California was 6.6 minutes.

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