John Cena Wants A Family With Nikki Bella

John Cena Wants A Family With Nikki Bella

"Wow. Well, I'm speechless", Nikki nervously laughed and reacted after hearing some of Cena's comments. Nikki believes it is the best season of Total Bellas yet as it will feature Daniel Bryan's fantastic comeback, a lot of wedding planning and the issues between she and Cena, which were apparently brought on by the wedding planning.

"It's been very hard", Cena began. "I still would love to have a family with Nicole", he continued. "I still would love to have a family with Nicole". But all of that switched because I love her and all of those decisions... she's my #1 and I just want to make her happy. "It's like absolutely ridiculous".

As the story of their relationship plays out on the new season of "Total Bellas", Nikki told AJ, "It's going to be hard to relive quite a bit of things for me this season".

"Isn't that what wives are supposed to do?" "That's insane", she began, before adding that she just wants both herself and John to "live happily ever after" - whether that means together or separately.

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Bella made no secret of the fact that she wanted to become a mom, while Cena stated on multiple occasions that he did not want to have children. "Am I ready to say these vows?" she added.

Cena suggested the break-up was down to Nikki, and admitted he'd been left with his "heart broken" by the split. I don't hold back ever. Hopefully, we get to see the real side of both of them and if we already have, what the heck have the past two months been? "It's about time John started making some", Brie tells her.

She didn't close the door on John completely, however, saying that she hopes for the best for both of them. While we definitely feel for him here, it's also important to note that he made sure to address public scrutiny regarding his post-breakup behavior. Brie beforehand instructed PEOPLE that the demise of her sister's engagement was all caught on digital camera.

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