Five dead in attack on Indonesian police headquarters

Five dead in attack on Indonesian police headquarters

The Riau Police succeeded on Wednesday in stopping an attempted terrorist attack on their headquarters in Pekanbaru, the National Police have announced.

Indonesian police fatally shot four suspected militants Wednesday when they attacked a police headquarters in Riau province.

The driver managed to flee the scene and escape on foot into nearby residential buildings, though police say they have captured one assailant alive.

The fifth suspect was later arrested, he added.

TV footage showed one man lying on the ground with a long sword next to his body.

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Five people died in the attack, including the four suspected militants and a police officer who was hit by the vehicle.

One of the dead men had a suspected bomb strapped to his body, the report said.

The coordinated church attack was a sign local extremist groups were becoming more proficient, and stirs concerns about an uptick in extremism as hundreds of Indonesians who flocked to fight alongside Islamic State in the Middle East return home. A journalist who was at Riau police station at the moment of the incident was also injured as he was hit by a auto, according to Reuters. Media were at the station to cover a press conference about a drug bust when the attack happened.

Tourists and Visitors should think twice before traveling to Indonesia, especially Bali as a wave of terror attacks have swept the country.

Police have been frequent targets of mostly low level attacks by local militants, including a 2017 suicide bombing at a bus station in Jakarta that killed three police officers.

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