Ireland U17 GK sent off DURING penalty shoot-out

Ireland U17 GK sent off DURING penalty shoot-out

Ireland had been under pressure during a tough first half but had battled back into the tie and the penalty save in the shoot-out would surely have given them the momentum to finish the game.

Per UEFA rules, a team is not allowed to substitute their goalkeeper, preventing Ireland from introducing Sean Bohan, and instead defender Oisín McEntee went in goal.

It was 4-4 in the shootout when Daishawn Redan stepped up to take the deciding penalty for the Netherlands.

Alas, for the Irish, referee Zbynek Proske judged Corcoran (correctly) to have been well off his line when making the save.

Not only that, but the ref showed Corcoran a second yellow card and sent him off.

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After a 1-1 draw between Ireland and the Netherlands couldn't be broken up in extra time yesterday, James Corcoran looked to give the Irish the upper hand when he saved the Dutch side's fifth spot-kick.

The complication here is that referees should probably be more vigilant in this situation.

Republic of Ireland senior manager Martin O'Neill and Roy Keane were both at the game and O'Neill made his way pitchside after the final penalty towards the referee.

Vincent Butler, a stalwart of Belvedere and a man who helped start off countless careers, including that of Wes Hoolahan and Parrott, one of the Irish U17 stars over the last week. Check out the reaction on social media.

The still image suggests that even if Corcoran had moved from his line, it wasn't by much. But the roar coming out of the dressing room when Jimmy Corcoran saved the spot kick nearly sent the clubhouse roof into orbit!

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