LePage, 6 other governors sign letter backing Trump for Nobel Peace Prize

LePage, 6 other governors sign letter backing Trump for Nobel Peace Prize

Early on, Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant tweeted supporting President Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in North and South Korea.

Henry McMaster and sent Monday to the chair of the Nobel Committee, praises Trump for his "unprecedented victory for global peace and security" in negotiations with North Korea. Further, Kim Jong Un agreed to return three American hostages, stop missile testing and may be willing to give up North Korea's nuclear weapons - all because of Trump's strong-willed, forceful diplomacy toward North Korea. The National Republican Senatorial Committee has also promoted the idea, sending an email encouraging supporters to "Nominate President Trump to Win the Nobel Peace Prize" by adding their name to a list.

"A lot of talk of a more gentler and more cooperative (administration), but in fact the efforts and actions of Colyer have been very Brownback-esque", Ward said.

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However, when asked what President Obama had done to earn the prize despite leading a two-term presidency that passed without a single day of peace, they were almost speechless. President Barack Obama received the prize in 2009, a move that generated controversy at the time.

The governors who signed the letter are Henry McMaster of South Carolina, Kay Ivey of Alabama, Jeff Colyer of Kansas, Paul R. LePage of Maine, Phil Bryant of Mississippi, Jim Justice of West Virginia, and Eddie Baza Calvo of the us territory of Guam.

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