Stephen Hawking's Family Seemingly Invites Time Travellers To Attend Memorial

Stephen Hawking's Family Seemingly Invites Time Travellers To Attend Memorial

A decade later, he famously threw a party for time travellers and sent the invitation, which included the date and coordinates of the party, only after it was over.

Members of the public have been invited to apply for tickets to attend a celebration of Professor Stephen Hawking's life at a memorial service in Westminster Abbey here on June 15, with visitors from the future welcome to apply, local media reported on Monday.

Ashes of renowned late physicist Stephen Hawking will forever be buried next to the greats like Sir Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin.

In a Q&A, written up by Arts Technica, Professor Hawking said: "Einstein's general theory of relativity seems to offer the possibility that we could warp space-time so much that we could travel back in time".

Physicist died on March 14, on 77-m to year of life.

"Professor Hawking once threw a party for time travellers, to see if any would turn up if he posted the invite after the party", he wrote in his site.

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The memorial ceremony for Stephen Hawking will be held at Westminster Abbey in London on Friday June 15.

He once jokingly suggested people should "invent time travel" if they wanted to address questions or complaints to his "younger self", so it is hardly surprising that time travellers might well attend Prof Stephen Hawking's memorial service. London blogger IanVisits was among those who noticed that the application allows people born more than 20 years into the future to come.

'All things are possible until proven otherwise'.

However, some claim that the this is not a time travel experiment rather a programming error that the website is accepting registration from people born two decades from now. "I sat there a long time but no one came".

The invitation read: "You are cordially invited to a reception for time travellers to be hosted by Professor Stephen Hawking". Arguably the most famous scientist in recent times, Hawkings was well known for his research on black holes which further helped scientists all around the globe to unravel secrets of the universe.

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