WhatsApp's latest update brings more order and control to group chats

WhatsApp's latest update brings more order and control to group chats

Lastly, WhatsApp says that users can not repeatedly rejoin groups that they have previously left. Facebook-owned WhatsApp recognizes the importance of Groups which is why the company has announced new features for this part of its app. These new features give more control to both Group admins as well as users.

WhatsApp has even added a "Group Description" feature to the group chats which appears in the form of a short blurb found under group info that allows you to set the goal, guidelines, or topics for the group.

In a bid to improve its services and compete with the likes of similar chat services like Telegram, WhatsApp has added a range of new features to its option of group chats.

It is worth noting that not all of the new features are aimed exclusively at those in charge of groups as the update also brings with it a "participant search" feature which as the name suggests lets group members more easily search for and find other groups members.

Another welcome feature is that now WhatsApp has added a feature that would protect you from being repeatedly added to groups you left. All of these features are now live for WhatsApp users on Android and iOS today.

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WhatsApp also says that admins can now remove admin permissions of other group participants, and group creators can no longer be removed from the group they started.

Among another great and resourceful addition of a feature is a new protection feature.

Most of the new features will be of benefit to those in control of a group chat. Any of the group members can change the description of the group.

WhatsApp Groups has been one of the platforms that has immensely helped people connect with select friends and family. You can now check on messages where you've been mentioned and reply directly. By clicking the button, the users can enjoy this feature. If you don't see them yet, make sure you are using the latest version of WhatsApp. Let's take a look at the new features available for the group admins from here. Here, one thing very important is that the other group admin can not remove the creator of the group from it.

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