Entertainment Slapped With $1 Billion Stan Lee Lawsuit

Entertainment Slapped With $1 Billion Stan Lee Lawsuit

Entertainment a year ago, has hit back at the legendary comics creator's $1B fraud lawsuit, describing it as "preposterous" and "completely without merit". Entertainment for the use of his name and likeness for his creative stroke of genius.

The suit also alleged that Olivarez "convinced" Lee to set up a "false charity" called Hands of Respect, which the suit claims was nothing more than a vehicle to shift Lee's money to Olivarez.

Lee formed POW! in 2001 as a holding company of sorts for his vast library of intellectual property for film, television, animation, and comics, among other content. Camsing International acquired POW! in 2017 for an undisclosed price and placed its USA vice president Shane Duffy as POW!'s CEO.

However, according to the claim, the defendants were seeking to obtain an exclusive licence to Lee's name, image and likeness on a worldwide basis.

"Lee does not recall anyone reading the Illegitimate Document to him, and, due to his advanced macular degeneration, he could not have read it himself", wrote his attorney Adam Grant in the complaint.

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When he had first formed POW!, it was meant to be a mere holding company for his vast property used for comics and animation. CEO Shane Duffy and co-founder Gill Champion didn't disclose the terms of the deal to him before it closed. Camsing then gained exclusive rights to the company and POW!

Over the past weekend, Stan Lee posted a message on his official Twitter account to clarify that all previous posts on his social media accounts were not made by him. The suit also says POW! was given the right to use Lee's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Entertainment and two of its executives have conspired to steal his name, identity, and likeness without his consent.

Lee is no stranger to legal issues lately.

The suit goes on to state that Lee was taken advantage of after the death of his wife in 2017. The creator also claims to have never signed the sales contract, leading him to believe someone must have forged his signature. The new filing follows a suit brought last month against Jerardo Olivarez, Stan's former publicist and business manager, who is accused of taking £1.04 million from the star's bank accounts and of using his blood to create a commemorative stamp without consent. "He gave me a check as a thank-you". This latest lawsuit is just the latest in a string of odd occurrences in Lee's personal and professional life.

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