Gov. Eric Greitens's Charge Is Dropped, for Now, in Missouri

Gov. Eric Greitens's Charge Is Dropped, for Now, in Missouri

The prosecutor's surprise move Monday to drop a felony charge against Greitens came after the third day of jury selection in his trial. "This is a great victory and it has been a long time coming", the Associated Press (AP) quotes Gov. Greitens saying as he came out of the St. Louis circuit courthouse.

Greitens and his allies have long contended that the investigation and charges against him are politically motivated.

If convicted, Greitens could face up to four years in prison.

Greitens has described Gardner, a former Democratic state lawmaker, as a "reckless liberal prosecutor who uses her office to score political points". They said they will continue considering impeaching Greitens during a special session that is set to start this week.

Missouri House Speaker Todd Richardson, House Speaker Pro Tem Elijah Haahr, and House Majority Leader Rob Vescovo issued a joint statement calling for the legislature's work investigating Greitens to continue.

"The case was going nowhere". "We now hope the governor and his staff are more forthcoming with the facts, and they decide to appear before the special investigative committee". "The governor has lost the moral authority and the ability to lead the state going forward, and we reaffirm our call that he resign immediately". Leaders in the Republican-controlled House also urged the governor to "take advantage of our open offer to share his side of the facts" and testify to the House committee.

Missourinet St. Louis contributor Jill Enders has been in court in downtown St. Louis covering jury selection daily, and will have an updated story on Missourinet later. The woman, who has not been identified, was captured on a secretly recorded tape telling her then-husband that Mr. Greitens had blindfolded her, torn off her shirt and trousers and taken a photo without her consent.

Greitens and his defense took the news of the judge granting their request with an air of optimism and vindication.

The Republican governor's lawyers accused St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner of misconduct, alleging that she allowed a lead investigator in the case to perjure himself.

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Prosecutors have less than a month to refile the case under the statute of limitations.

Greitens' attorney Ed Dowd said his team of lawyers will be filing a report Tuesday with St. Louis police about the alleged perjury by Tisaby for "lying about his methods and the evidence he collected".

"The judge allowed us to endorse her as a witness", Rosenblum said. FOX 2 legal analyst attorney Chet Pleban talks about the legal quagmire the case created for Gardner and what to expect next. "She was the only witness".

"A defendant who wishes to call a prosecutor as a witness must demonstrate a compelling and legitimate reason to do so", Ryan said. The defense team knows that the tactic of endorsing the Circuit Attorney as a witness is part of their ongoing effort to distract people from the defendant's actions that brought about both the felony Invasion of Privacy and Computer Tampering charges against him. She called the decision by Circuit Judge Rex Burlison "unprecedented". This, along with concerns over Gardner's handling of private investigator William Tisaby, likely explains why Greitens' defense team sought to call Gardner to the stand.

'The court's order leaves the circuit attorney no adequate means of proceeding with this trial, ' read a statement from Gardner's office.

The embattled governor celebrated the announcement and once again asserted his innocence.

"Above all, I am sorry for the pain that this process and my actions have caused my family, my friends, and the people of Missouri", Greitens continued.

The governor has been charged with criminal invasion of privacy after an unidentified woman that Greitens admitted to having an affair with said he blackmailed her with inappropriate photos.

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