Microsoft is reportedly working on an iPad killer Surface tablet

Microsoft is reportedly working on an iPad killer Surface tablet

The models are set to become available as soon as the second half of the year for around $400, Bloomberg reported today.

The new Surface tablets will have a 10-inch screen-a couple of inches smaller than the 12-inch screens used on the Surface Pro laptop line. On top of being more affordable, the publication's sources said the new devices will also significantly differ in design. In addition, the surface tablets are also expected to arrive with rounded edges like the standard iPads. Microsoft has previously produced cheaper / smaller Surface tablets like the RT devices and the Atom-powered Surface 3 and now it has chose to try again, reports Bloomberg. Experts attribute the new Surface screen is 10 inches with Full HD resolution+, and a processor and graphics from Intel and 4 GB of RAM and 64/128 constant.

Over the weekend Patently Apple posted a report titled "Microsoft and Google are shifting strategies to challenge the iPad's Market Dominance from Features to Platforms".

As Bloomberg reports, Microsoft's re-entry into the entry-level tablet market may be an attempt to shore up declining sales in the Surface line by attracting a new audience to its hardware. That would put the new Surface tablets at around nine hours of battery life - not bad, but hardly stellar.

Last Quarter Apple shipped 9.1 million tablets to be number one.

Microsoft is reportedly working on an iPad killer Surface tablet

In the past year, Apple sold 44M iPads for $20B in revenue.

Thanks to their smaller form factor the new Surface tablets will be about 20 per cent lighter than a Surface Pro. When asked about the expected pricing, Bleeping Computer was told "Surface Hub 2 pricing will be competitive with other devices in market".

Microsoft has released footage of the Surface Hub 2 in action, but the price and a specific release date have yet to be announced. Like the Surface Pro, these models won't be bundled with the company's keyboard cover.

A new lower cost keyboard cover is also said to be in the works to accompany the product launch.

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