Yanny or Laurel? It's the question dividing the internet

Yanny or Laurel? It's the question dividing the internet

The clip was originally posted on Reddit in a subreddit called r/blackmagicf-ckery (we know, we laughed too) by user Roland Camry.

"My mom voted Laurel and so did my dad, but I voted Yanny", Carter Brunner smiled.

"I thought I heard "doughnut.' I'm telling the truth", he said, in a rare burst of seriousness about a product with which he would seem to have some familiarity".

Some people have greater sensitivity to higher frequencies or lower frequencies, Yazel says, which could explain part of why people hear different things. "I hear laurel", wrote Ryan Switzer.

"Yanny or Laurel", accompanied by a recording of a computerized voice, now what it is saying, we will leave it up to you to decide, because this recording has stirred a debate across the internet.

Do you hear Laurel?

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Currently, that phenomenon is the "Yanny or Laurel?" audio clip, which has captured the attention of millions of users of social media.

In theory, this means that people with poorer hearing may only be able to the word "Laurel".

Before you think you are losing your mind, you could actually be hearing something completely different than the person sitting next to you.

"The acoustic information that makes us hear Yanny is at a higher frequency than the acoustic information that makes us hear Laurel", he said.

Everyone heard "Dez caught it", right? The recording of an actual human voice may not of caused a debate at all.

She provides another example.

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