Fortnite could be getting a competitive mode, according to game files

Fortnite could be getting a competitive mode, according to game files

Check the full details on the Fortnite site.

For those unaware, Jetpacks were initially set for inclusion in Fortnite during Season 3 of the title, but the item received an indefinite delay from Epic Games due to the developer having discovered an undisclosed flaw in its design.

The players who have competed in 50 matches will unlock a unique spray.

Battle Royale has released its brand new competitive mode, 'Solo Showdown, ' a limited-time mode where winning players can score points for massive in-game rewards. Interestingly enough, they seem to run on a limited amount of fuel, so players will need to keep an eye on the gas gauge and land before completely running out of juice. With that being said, here are all the prizes that players can earn if they manage to remain alive for a longer time than their foes. And yes, it sounds very much like that includes a more permanent solution for hardcore PvP types: Epic says a big announcement about competitive play is coming next week.

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Epic Games will be tracking the first 50 Showdown LTM matches for each individual and the collective performances here will determine the placement for each player. Not bad! But it's not exactly free money, because you will have to put in some decent hours to complete 50 matches in under five days.

However, the ability to earn these V-Bucks (in this large of a sum) is a welcome change to the current meta.

The maximum score that a player can achieve is 5,000, but that would mean finishing in first place for all 50 of your Solo Showdown matches. So, the prizes are worth playing for.

Epic Games will also have a huge presence at this year's E3, with even a huge "celebrity driven" party to bring players all over the world together in one room.

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