Nipah Virus: Odisha govt takes precautionary measures

Nipah Virus: Odisha govt takes precautionary measures

Such outbreaks are a concern in a country where hundreds die from infectious diseases each year for lack of vigorous disease tracking systems.

Worldwide efforts to develop a vaccine are underway following the Nipah virus outbreak in southern India earlier this week.

Nipah virus is a zoonotic virus, which means it is transmitted from animals to humans.

Throat swab and serum samples of the techie and throat swab and blood samples of the NIMS patient were sent to Pune for analysis just as a precautionary measure. "While the incubation period is long for some, on an average in 90 per cent of cases, the disease manifests itself within two weeks of exposure to the virus", Menon said.

Richard Hatchett, MD, chief executive officer of CEPI, said, the group's first funding agreement to develop a vaccine against Nipah virus marks a vital step forward in the global battle against the disease.

The other mode of transmission is human to human, through body secretions and respiratory secretions.

A global coalition to fight epidemics this week struck a $25-million deal with two US biotech groups to speed work on a vaccine. A cluster of dead bats in Himachal Pradesh also caused a brief scare, but no human infections have been recorded in the state. "However as per recent information, the outbreak has been localised and hasn't spread beyond Kerala", she said.

According to World Health Organization, consumption of fruits or fruit products like raw date palm juice contaminated with urine or saliva from infected fruit bats is a source of infection.

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The outbreak of.deadly virus has not spread beyond two areas in south India, officials said, but they have issued a series of warnings to people living in the stricken towns.

Doctors said the National Institute of Virology, Pune, had said that the outbreak of Nipah virus in the Kozhikode was limited to a small geographic area and there was no threat of an epidemic in the State.

Referring to a case where a patient with viral fever was suspected to have contracted the disease, at Beliaghat ID Hospital, the health department denied that it was a Nipah virus case.

There is no real treatment but supportive care is given to the affected patients, which means treating the symptoms differently.

The death rate is between 40 and 75 percent, depending on the outbreak, and local capabilities to deal with the outbreak.

It said that Nipah virus which commonly affects animals such as bats, pigs, dogs and horses can spread from animals to humans and can sometimes cause serious illness among humans.

About 100 families where someone has had contact with infected people are being carefully monitored.

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