Assault Charges For Woman Pummeled By Police On A NJ Beach

Assault Charges For Woman Pummeled By Police On A NJ Beach

"She tried kicking at us, so I slammed her on the ground", the officer later tells his supervisor, after the woman has been tackled, handcuffed and shoved into the back of a police auto. The woman-identified by local authorities as 20-year-old Emily Weinman-faces multiple charges, including aggravated assault against a police officer and possession of alcohol.

She's facing two counts of aggravated assault on a police officer, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

On Tuesday, Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano Jr.'s comments alluded to Weinman spiting at the officers before the arrest, provoking them: "She assaults them, she spits at them, she kicks them".

The officers have been reassigned to administrative duty during the investigation.

Wildwood traditionally sees a large influx of young adults for Memorial Day weekend, Regalbuto noted, and a huge 2015 party left the beach "destroyed and trashed". "At that moment, he told me that if I did not give it to him, he would stop me", she added. The third who held back the crowd but can then be seen joining the other officers is still on the street. "The officers were on top of her on the ground and that's when I just decided - there's so much going on everywhere - why not, just in case [record the incident]".

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"OK, I'm done with you... do you have cuffs on you?" one officer says to his partner.

But Weinman argues that she did not drink and the alcohol belongs to her aunt. "Police are supposed to care for us, protect us", said Naim Kerbag.

"You don't need my last name", she says as she starts to walk away from him. Weinman tells police the alcohol container is closed, but police tell her it is against the law to have openly displayed alcohol on the beach. Then she turns around and spits toward the officers. Robert Jordan. In a statement released by Wildwood police, they said: This matter is still under investigation, however, in an effort to insure transparency with the public we serve, it was imperative that this video be released as soon as feasibly possible.

The video shows Weinman and the officer struggle on the ground. "Get off me. What are you doing?"

Speaking off camera Monday, the police chief tells FOX 29 that all three officers on the video are seasonal employees and two are brand new to the force. Upon the conclusion of the investigation in the coming days, and only after final review by the Cape May County Prosecutors Office, the Wildwood Police Department will release the findings and outcome of the investigation.

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