Circuit attorney drops computer tampering case against Greitens

Circuit attorney drops computer tampering case against Greitens

Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner spoke to the media moments ago and says she will drop the felony computer tampering charge the Governor has been facing. The probes into his conduct by prosecutors and lawmakers began with allegations stemming from the affair and expanded to include questions about whether he violated campaign-finance laws.

"Specifically regarding any deals we made with Governor Greitens' attorneys, no deals were made by my office". "This ordeal has been created to cause an incredible amount of strain on my family. created to cause maximum damage".

"I came to office to fight for the people of Missouri, to fight for the forgotten", he said. "I can't comment on what special prosecutor Jean Peters Baker will do", Gardner said at her press conference.

Many of Greitens' former colleagues and friends "co-operated with our prosecution, not because they were threatened or harassed, but because it was the right thing to do", she said.

A special House investigatory committee had subpoenaed Greitens to testify next Monday.

In his announcement, Greitens said: "We have accomplished a lot".

Senate Minority Leader Gina Walsh, D-St.

Gov. Eric Greitens has finally put an end to the sham that was his 17-month term in office.

Even while resigning, Greitens remained defiant.

"I am not ideal. I will let the fairness of this process be judged by history", Greitens said. "I wish incoming Governor Mike Parson well, and stand ready to assist him in his transition".

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"Defense attorneys for Greitens contacted her office last weekend to strike a deal", Rachel Lippman of St. Louis Public Radio reports.

The governor has acknowledged having an affair with his hairdresser.

"I can not comment on what Jean Peters Baker would do with the privacy of invasion case", Gardner said. The House authorized the legislative investigation a week after the indictment.

Prominent Missouri Republicans expressed support for Greitens' decision to resign on Tuesday. Greitens is accused of using a donor's list from the Mission Continues Charity that he founded to help raise money during his campaign. The AP reported that Greitens' campaign had raised almost $2 million from those who had previously given significant amounts to the veterans' charity. "Missourians deserve to know what laws were broken, what lies were told, and how deep the corruption went".

Greitens was indicted in February on a felony invasion-of-privacy charge.

A House investigatory committee report released May 2 indicates that Greitens himself received the donor list in 2014 while CEO of the charity so he could call key supporters to explain he was stepping down.

A complaint also remains pending at the Missouri Ethics Commission alleging Greitens filed a false campaign report previous year about the source of the charity donor list.

Greitens was accused of taking a semi-nude picture of his mistress in 2015 without her permission then transmitting it in a way that made it computer accessible.

When the two got to the basement, the woman alleged, Greitens taped her hands to the pull-up rings and blindfolded her. I am proud of you and all of our work.

"They offered to do that for the dismissal", Ryan said. "It has been a great honor and a privilege to serve as your governor". He was widely expected to make a presidential run in the future.

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