Deaths of 2 Paralegals Linked to Killing of High-Profile Forensic Psychiatrist

Deaths of 2 Paralegals Linked to Killing of High-Profile Forensic Psychiatrist

According to FOX NEWS, Steven Pitt, who also helped Phoenix police catch an attacker known as the "Baseline Killer" - who terrorized the city in summer 2006, was killed Thursday outside his office in Scottsdale.

Kolbe said police arrived at her house in the early hours of Saturday morning with the news that Levine had been killed.

One of the women was shot in the head and attempted to get help by flagging down a bus parked at a nearby intersection near the law firm Burt, Feldman, Greneir, whose offices are located on East 1st near North 75th Streets in the Old Town section of Scottsdale.

Both victims worked as paralegals at the law office.

Police said the killings Friday of paralegals Veleria Sharp, 48, and Laura Anderson, 49, were related to the Pitt shooting, but were still trying to determine exactly what linked the three victims.

Scottsdale police said 72-year-old Marshall Levine, a counselor and life coach, was shot inside of an office building near Hayden and Mountain View roads. But the Phoenix (Arizona) Police Department released a sketch of a man suspected of killing Pitt.

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Officers followed a blood trail back to the office and found the other woman.

This image released by the Phoenix Police Department shows a sketch of the suspect in the first of three shooting deaths in Phoenix.

Police are still searching for the suspect, whom the witnesses described as a bald white male wearing a dark-colored hat.

The case, where Pitt worked as a consultant to the prosecution and police investigators, remains unsolved to this day.

Hoster said it was not yet known if that killing was related to the others. Her intellect, passion and friendship has meant more to us than we can even begin to convey.

Yaksic said that "because the homicides of Pitt, Sharp and Anderson are most likely not inspired by urges or compulsions, but are instead systematic, deliberate and intentional", he believes the killer's spree might have already come to an end.

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