Final weekend of Ontario election campaign gets underway

Final weekend of Ontario election campaign gets underway

These candidates are now among the slew of Liberals who will have to find a their own oath to victory, asking voters to give them a chance to hold a Progressive Conservative or NDP government in check after the June 7 election.

The premier said she has met with dozens of US politicians to talk about trade and called Horwath's response to the tariffs "inadequate".

"We do not know the state of the finances of Ontario, and anyone who tells you they know is lying", said Melissa lantsman, referring to the conclusion of the auditor General of the province that deficit projections of liberals underestimated. On Thursday, Ms. Wynne told reporters that she did not recall the situation: "I don't recall a contentious exchange with Glen Murray, I just don't recall", she said. I was at Queen's Park at the time and actually thought she sounded reasonable, a real moderate.

Media reports indicate she urged Ontario voters to vote for Liberal candidates and to try to prevent either the NDPs or Conservatives from winning a majority government.

The announcement came as a surprise to numerous party's local candidates, many of whom said they learned about her comments from news reports and social media.

Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath called Wynne's decision "a unsafe game", in a statement that also read: "Kathleen Wynne has abandoned the fight against Doug Ford cuts".

"Now, a vote for Kathleen Wynne and a vote for Doug Ford mean the same thing".

Liberal premier Kathleen Wynne compared Ford's refusal to say whether or not he would attend Pride to his refusal to release a fully costed election platform, saying Ford seemed to be trying to say as little as possible.

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"But you know it's still not too late for me to be swayed one way or the other as well", Benoit said - although he added he would only consider switching his vote to the NDP.

Wynne said this is to ensure neither the PC nor the NDP receives a majority.

Should the New Democrats win office after the June 7 election, Ms. Horwath said she would call for an all-party committee to look into the situation.

"The Liberal and NDP campaigns are set up on this idea that there's going to be the first part of the election - which is a primary between the two of them and the victor will then go and fight the Conservatives", Graefe said.

Omar Khan, a Liberal executive council member, said the party is now working on maintaining official party status.

"Our steel and aluminum industries have just been slapped with steep tariffs by the U.S. Workers in these industries are under attack".

Her choice of candidates - many of them with hostile agendas - is a real dog's breakfast of social justice warriors and those highly intolerant of a diverse point of view, much like the professional protesters and the leftist profs who've turned political correctness into a caricature of itself on university campuses. And I will fight for them. The NDP, after all, have only formed government once, in 1990.

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