Android P Beta 2 is here and it's really vegan-friendly

Android P Beta 2 is here and it's really vegan-friendly

If you publish an update to Google Play during the preview, your users can test compatibility on existing devices, including devices running Android P Beta 2. This seems to only be occurring for those who have downloaded the latest Android security update. And for developers, this release marks the final version of the Android P APIs.

The previous version of the Android P developer's preview was missing the "Clear all" button in the task viewer.

Google launched the first Android P developer preview in March and waited until May to release the second Android P developer preview at its I/O developers conference.

Beyond the emoji, which Google says there may be more of between now and release, Beta 2 also adds some important tools for developers building apps for the Android OS.

Others can enroll their device in the Android Beta program.

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The app switcher UI has changed some from that last preview, which was the original major overhaul to the new gesture UI.

Have you tried Android P yet?

Unfortunately, it doesn't appear as though Essential is rolling out the update just yet, as they told a user on Twitter.

Redheads are finally recognised, while a new superhero emoji can be represented in two genders and five skin tones. This has been happening on a monthly basis since the Stagefright vulnerability came out, and Google has been steadily patching vulnerabilities in Android month on month.

We thus have two more previews to go before final release in the third quarter, so don't be surprised if you find plenty of bugs.

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