Republicans Are More Eager to Vote This Year Than Democrats

Republicans Are More Eager to Vote This Year Than Democrats

President Donald Trump singled out Republican John Cox in a congratulatory tweet Wednesday morning, following Cox's second-place finish for governor in the California primary Tuesday night. But in the seven districts won by Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election and now represented by Republicans in Congress, there will be a Democrat on the November ballot in all of them.

The deep blue state enjoys a system that selects the top two qualifiers for the general election ballot by most votes garnered.

The results of Tuesday night's "Jungle primaries" in California are encouraging for Republicans, including a long-shot gubernatorial candidate, says a longtime political observer.

But looming over the campaign as the November general election got underway Wednesday is, of course, President Trump.

Democrats must net 23 seats to take control of the 435-seat House in November, which would likely stymie much of Trump's agenda. "We're confident voters will support our strong challengers and incumbents across the state to continue that historic progress". Yet the winners and losers in California's most competitive races could take days to sort out given the state's unique election laws.

"Many more Republican voters showed up yesterday than the Fake News thought possible", Trump tweeted. The GOP wants to saddle Democrats who run the state with responsibility for rising crime rates, growing income inequality, high taxes and immigration problems.

Voters on Tuesday also went to the polls to choose candidates in primaries in Iowa, Mississippi, Alabama, Montana, South Dakota and New Mexico.

Ivey, who stepped into the governor post after the resignation of Robert Bentley a year ago, will seek a full term in November.

There were 27 candidates looking to succeed Democratic Governor Jerry Brown, and more than two dozen looking to replace veteran US Senator Dianne Feinstein.

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If you look at the cumulative GOP percentage of the vote in California's seven battleground districts, Republicans held their own.

Pete Peterson, a Republican who ran for California secretary of state in 2014 and who is now the dean of Pepperdine University's School of Public Policy, said he hopes the party thinks a bit bigger than the gas tax.

In the senate race in MS, incumbent Republican Roger Wicker is poised to win another term after winning more than 80 percent of party support. She breezed through the primary and will face off against Kevin de Leon, a favorite of liberal activists, who finished a distant second.

In addition, Trump threatened to shut down the federal government rather than support Frelinghuysen's allocation for the Gateway Tunnel project, GOP leaders allowed a vote to kill the funding altogether, and Republicans refused to provide Sandy victims with the same tax breaks as residents of other states hit by hurricanes.

But Republicans failed to make it into the November race for U.S. Senate (which was largely expected), lieutenant governor (not quite as expected) and insurance commissioner (though a former Republican with no current party affiliation came in first). But so far, with the exception of Nebraska's second congressional district, Democrats are putting forward candidates who match the districts they're running in. Democrats hoped that race would boost downticket candidates. Thanks to redistricting, a Democratic and Republican House incumbent were forced to face off, and the Republican won.

Republican Representative Mimi Walters easily advanced to the November election in her Orange County district that has been targeted by Democrats.

Republicans have been in a tailspin for years in California, where a diversifying population has grown increasingly Democratic in its leanings.

Many of the Democratic nominees are younger, more diverse and less tied to Washington than their Republican rivals. Splitting of the Democratic vote could have led to two Republicans running in the general election. "In three high-profile House races, there are so many candidates from the two major parties eating into one another's support that the election results may end up owing more to chance than any discernible will of the people".

A key Senate race took shape in the heart of Trump country as well.

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