Ex-Cambridge Analytica boss admits getting Facebook data from researcher

Ex-Cambridge Analytica boss admits getting Facebook data from researcher

Assange confirmed that the data firm reached out to him, but said WikiLeaks rejected their advances.

The United States Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation in Washington, D.C., consolidated the litigation in an order Wednesday.

The former head of Cambridge Analytica said Wednesday that his political consulting firm got "an incredibly huge target" on its back because of its involvement in Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign.

The finding is from the most recent wave of The QT, a consumer confidence and attitude tracking study conducted on a quarterly basis by the7stars, which highlights how public sentiment towards the social network has changed in the wake of the fallout from the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

According to a New York Times report published earlier this week, Facebook has reached data-sharing partnerships with at least 60 device-makers - including Apple, Amazon, BlackBerry, Microsoft and Samsung - during the last decade.

"The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has sought an explanation from Facebook seeking a detailed factual report on the issue. Facebook has been asked to respond by June 20", it added. 'All Mr Nix's comments carried in our reports were used in context, including any caveats, ' the broadcaster said in a statement. Nix said he thought he had been asked if Cambridge Analytica was still using the data.

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He replied: "I don't know that I was unlucky I think other business meetings are not steered by an undercover reporter who is deliberately trying to entrap you and therefore the conversation never moves into those areas and towards those subject matters". Nix accepts the role of Cambridge Analytica in the Trump campaign but not in the Leave campaign.

He said that he was vindicated in saying Cambridge Analytica had not been involved in the Brexit campaign by a report by the Electoral Commission, and that whistleblower Christopher Wylie had lied about the consultancy's involvement in Brexit.

He said: "I wasn't aware of it, I didn't know that Britanny Kaiser had been to the embassy".

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