Sea of Solitude is coming in early 2019

Sea of Solitude is coming in early 2019

Sea of Solitude was announced during EA Play 2018 as an EA Original indie game. "When humans get too lonely, they turn into monsters". She wants to discover why she's turned into a monster, and traverses a partially-submerged city on a small motorboat in order to find the answer. The game's main theme is loneliness and how it affects people.

Writer-creator Cornelia Geppert says of the game that "Sea of Solitude is by far the most artistic and personal project I've ever created".

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The story centres on a young woman whose loneliness is so strong that she becomes a physical monster. Players must confront and utilize Kay's feelings of heartache, empathy, and hope to unravel the mystery surrounding her transformation and eventually free her from her cursed state. We follow Kay, on her journey as she finds out that her biggest enemies are not the ones she comes across as she explores the Sea of Solitude, but something even more unsafe. The goal is to make the emotions she feels as bell ends.

Given what unfolds in the first teaser trailer below, this seems to be a fair assessment of Sea of Solitude. Or both? Guess we'll find out in early 2019.

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