Syria Regime 'No Longer Immune' From Retaliation: Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Syria Regime 'No Longer Immune' From Retaliation: Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Despite his shortcomings on the Iranian front, Netanyahu still managed to get these European nations to apply pressure on Iran, which could turn favorable for him in the future.

Noting that Israel had stayed out of Syria's protracted civil war, in which Tehran backs Assad, Netanyahu said increasing Iranian encroachment required "a new calculus".

"He is no longer immune, his regime is no longer immune. And if he fires on us, we will destroy his forces".

"The consequences are not merely to the Iranian forces there but to the Assad regime as well, I think it's something that he should consider very seriously".

Netanyahu said he had reiterated his dislike for the 2015 deal, which offers sanctions relief in exchange for strict limits on Iran's nuclear activities.

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"Now the war is almost over, he invites Iran in to entrench itself?" We believe that it is important to talk, because there are many important issues in the region to discuss, including Iran.

When speaking to journalists in London, the Prime Minister said, "my main goal was to bring worldwide agreement that Iran would leave Syria", and "to harness the leading European countries to oppose the continued expansion of Iran". May said. "We will remain committed to it as long as Iran meets its obligations".

"Along with France and Germany, the United Kingdom continues to believe the JCPOA is the best route to preventing Iran from getting a nuclear weapon", Mrs.

"These were not non-violent protests, quite the contrary".

And strangely, no one seemed to listen when he said Israeli troops firing live ammunition at Palestinian protesters was part of a plan to "minimize casualties and avoid fatalities".

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