Donald Trump G7 tweets ‘sobering and depressing’: Angela Merkel

Donald Trump G7 tweets ‘sobering and depressing’: Angela Merkel

Many saw a distillation of a crisis of the West in the photograph, and a revival of the debate launched by United States and British media after Trump's 2016 election whether Merkel was the new "leader of the free world".

Other observers hailed a triumph for the spin doctors in Berlin eager to present Merkel as the leading defender of the rules-based global order.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, a top European Union official trolled President Trump by posting the viral image of Merkel.

Despite the president describing his relationship with the other leaders as "a 10", conversations between the world's largest industrialized countries were thought to be intense as the allies faced off with Trump over tariffs his administration has imposed on them.

So with the internet being the internet - memes, paintings, and captions are happening. Highlighting that the document is still "legally-binding" as far as Germany is concerned, Merkel said she would uphold it but her patience after Trump's about-face had worn thin. "Maybe we can help", in a reference to alleged collusion between Russian President Vladimir Putin's government and the Trump team to influence the 2016 United States presidential election.

"We must stop this escalation of tensions, the tit-for-tat process is not going to be helpful. new sectors will be brought into the picture, which is something that will harm everyone", he said.

In recent weeks, trading partners of the U.S. have criticised new tariffs on steel and aluminium imports imposed by the Trump administration.

DPRK, US leaders hold historic meeting in Singapore
Rodman, who first traveled to North Korea in 2013 to meet with Kim, said he received death threats as a result of his outreach. Mr Trump said he had formed a "very special bond" with Kim and that relationship with North Korea would be very different.

But the humor could not mask a deep sense of unease that the end of the transatlantic partnership was nigh.

Several outlets, including German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle and Politico, translated parts of Merkel's remarks, which she made in a Sunday interview with German broadcaster ARD.

"And that's why we need to increase our defense spending", Merkel said.

The US and its allies have been locked in a bitter dispute of trade tariffs and perceived trade "inequality" for quite some time.

"We asked him about that", she told Anne Will, adding that his answers "did not sound convincing" to her.

"There remain good reasons to fight for the transatlantic partnership", she said, adding that the current round of trade tariffs that the U.S. and European Union have imposed on each other did not signal the end of a partnership.

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