Merkel Blasts Trump for 'Withdrawal by Tweet' From G7 Statement

Merkel Blasts Trump for 'Withdrawal by Tweet' From G7 Statement

Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron and the other leaders clashed with Trump over steel and aluminum tariffs as well as his decision to abandon a deal with Iran to limit its nuclear program. You may recall that past year, on her first White House visit of the Trump era, Merkel held out her hand and the president did not grip it; the two then appeared openly at odds at a tense news conference.

While G7 leaders confronted Trump with a slew of data on imports and exports in a bid to sway his thinking, Trump countered his own numbers and held his position that the United States was at a disadvantage on worldwide trade, an official who followed the talks said.

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The European leader-famed for negotiating compromise without political histrionics-gave an uncharacteristically candid and combative assessment of relations with Trump as she spoke to German channel ARD, after last week's G-7 summit.

Trump has invoked a USA national security provision to unilaterally impose tariffs on imports of foreign steel and aluminum, to the outrage of his allies, who have retaliated with a threat of their own, more targeted, sanctions.

In a second tweet Thursday evening, Trump said Trudeau "is being so indignant, bringing up the relationship that the USA and Canada had over the many years and all sorts of other things".

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In posts on Twitter ahead of the summit, Trump lashed out at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and French President Emmanuel Macron.

That, in turn, prompted harsh reactions from European officials and members of Congress, including Republican Sen.

By the end of those sessions, the allied nations had drawn up a joint statement, which the Canadian government released, noting it had been agreed to by all seven countries. "Sometimes it seems the American president thinks that only one side wins and everyone else loses".

Merkel's March 2017 visit to the White House was marked by Trump either not hearing or ignoring her offer to shake hands in the Oval Office. "They should let Russian Federation come back in because we should have Russian Federation at the negotiating table". "Our Tariffs are in response to his of 270% on dairy!" "Then Justin acts hurt when called out!"

"Why should I, as President of the United States, allow countries to continue to make Massive Trade Surpluses, as they have for decades, while our Farmers, Workers & Taxpayers have such a big and unfair price to pay?" "Not fair to the PEOPLE of America!"

In spite of engaging in a recent war of words with Trudeau over tariffs, Kudlow said the two countries remain "firm friends" in spite of short-term disagreements and that the planned bilateral meeting will be a strong opportunity for the two leaders to work out their differences. "The European Union had a $151 Billion Surplus-should pay much more for Military!"

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