PM 'to appeal for unity' on Brexit vote

The plea came as the EU (Withdrawal) Bill returns to the Commons tomorrow with ministers seeking to overturn a raft of amendments by the House of Lords meant to keep Britain close to the EU after Brexit.

In a statement, Lee said: "I will miss the Ministry of Justice and the enormous privilege of guiding our government's work to turn around the lives of vulnerable young offenders and female offenders; to mobilise the remarkable power of sport to transform lives and cut crime; and to improve how we deal with offenders" health and mental health which drives so much human behaviour.

The "meaningful vote" will be the first major test after the House of Lords introduced 15 changes to the bill, trying to reshape the government's approach to Brexit by encouraging lawmakers to press for the closest possible ties.

A UK Conservative MP has resigned as justice minister in protest at Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit policy.

The prime minister has warned Tory MPs they will undermine her negotiating position with the European Union if they rebel on key Brexit legislation.

May, who lost her party's majority at an ill-judged election a year ago, made a last-ditch appeal to lawmakers on Monday and Davis sent a letter making the same case - vote against the government and risk tying Britain's hands in the Brexit talks.

Labour and Conservative MPs are bitterly split over Prime Minister Theresa May's desire to keep Britain in the European Economic Area.

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There are two amendments that could prove particularly tough for the government to overturn.

"But if the Lords amendments are allowed to stand, that negotiating position will be undermined".

Other amendments from the Lords to be debated Tuesday include transferring the EU's Charter of Fundamental Rights into United Kingdom law and one forcing the government to negotiate to remain in the European Economic Area (EEA) like Norway.

"But the message we send to the country through our votes this week is important".

Crucial to it all will be the 10 DUP votes and they are expected to vote with the Government.

Two key amendments are raising the most concern: one which instructs Mrs May to negotiate a customs union with the EU, the second, which gives Parliament a decisive say over the final Brexit deal.

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