Trump's vow to end US-South Korea drills catches Pentagon off guard

Trump's vow to end US-South Korea drills catches Pentagon off guard

But others point out that there would be little good to come from the US president publicly bashing Kim while attempting diplomacy, and suggest that this is Trump's way of buttering up the brutal dictator. One thing that surprised me is that there was nothing in the joint statement or comments about how to really move forward with reducing tensions and normalizing relations, such as setting up liaison offices in each other's' capitals or hotline between the two militaries and so on.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has expressed "unwavering commitment" to complete denuclearization, US President Trump said after their first face-to face talks.

Meanwhile at the Pentagon, officials ducked in and out of meetings to discuss what would amount to an epic shift in how the U.S. military has been postured in South Korea for decades.

Trump surprised observers when he told reporters after the unprecedented meeting in Singapore that continuing the exercises routinely held between the USA and South Korean militaries would be "inappropriate" while the United States works to flesh out a comprehensive deal with North Korea. As long as Trump doesn't start getting any ideas from Kim, we're probably OK.

Despite Kim's pledges for denuclearization and the optimism for further talks, the easing of restrictive measures on Pyongyang will not be coming in the near future, according to Trump. Leaving dark days of war and conflict behind, we will write a new chapter of peace and cooperation.

"Now [Trump] has criticised the exercises as provocative and given them up for ... nothing?"

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Some observers had speculated that Beijing could be left out after Seoul suggested Moon might join the Singapore meeting and declare the end to the Korean war without China.

At the same time, he said complete denuclearization would take time.

Trump's supporters, who relish his unconventional diplomatic style, are likely to hail the summit as a foreign policy win for the president over one of America's most bitter long-time foes even as he feuds with Washington's closest allies after leaving an economic summit in Canada in disarray over the weekend.

But analysts warned there were still big challenges ahead, especially since the two sides failed to reach any specific agreement on dismantling North Korea's nuclear weapons - a threat on China's doorstep.

Geng said Beijing would continue to fulfil its global obligations and play a constructive role on the Korean peninsula.

"This was an opportunity to make a breakthrough and if we missed it, how can we be sure the tensions on the Korean peninsula won't return?" asked Zhu Feng, an global relations specialist at Nanjing University. "Once North Korea had nuclear weapons, once they have missiles that can deliver them to use, I would liken it to past presidents sitting down with Soviet dictators", he continued.

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