New 'Death Stranding' trailer shows off gameplay, confuses us even more

New 'Death Stranding' trailer shows off gameplay, confuses us even more

It goes without saying that Kojima still have plenty of secret from Death Stranding that he and his team have yet to unveiled. Death Stranding's latest trailer unveiled Sam's family, as well as the impact that an invisible and unsafe creature leaves on time when it comes into contact with other people and objects.

The game will star Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, Léa Seydoux and Lindsay Wagner.

Reedus's participation was revealed with the very first trailer, when, in the words of Hideo Kojima himself, "we really had next to nothing".

This new trailer also introduces a new character, a woman who seems to have the ability to see invisible beings. The newest trailer confirmed that more stars will be joining us on the mysterious dark adventure that is called Death Stranding.

Several scenes also previewed the kind of dark, weird monsters that players are likely to face in the "Death Stranding" gameplay. Now at 2018's E3, we got an eight-minute teaser presentation during the Sony PlayStation conference.

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Death Stranding's newest trailer just dropped, and as expected, it's a doozy. Sam contends with pulling his own toenail off, casually carries along a dead body, and we got a new tagline as well: "Give me your hand in life".

Death itself will reportedly play a key role in the gameplay of Death Stranding.

The latest trailer only continues the mystery but also continues to excite us.

It's clear that time is involved, but without watching it back several times we're now scratching our heads a little.

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