Raccoon makes habit out of scaling skyscrapers

Raccoon makes habit out of scaling skyscrapers

As of 11:30 a.m., the raccoon was 12 stories up the tower.

The drama started after maintenance workers removed the creature from the roof of an office block in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Minor league baseball teams are known for having insane promotional nights, but one St. Paul, Minn. team is dedicating a night to the viral #MPRRaccoon, the team announced.

Then it started to climb. "I made a big mistake", one post read.

I'll donate a thousand bucks to the non political charity of choice to anyone who saves this raccoon.

"I can't handle this", Gunn, the director of the two "Guardians of the Galaxy" movies, tweeted. "This proves St. Paul is the place to take a risk and reach new heights". It slowly descended to the 17th floor and hung out for a while on a new window ledge before making its way back up the office tower.

It spent much of Tuesday going up and down the building's floors, occasionally napping on ledges. He seems to be doing well.

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Based on latest reports, the fire department has set up a live trap with food on the roof so that they can capture the racoon after her courageous ascent.

Wildlife scientists and other experts pointed out early on that the popular narrative taking hold on Twitter and other social media sites was that the animal was stranded and needed rescuing. Brickley added. "The next thing we know he's on the 22nd floor".

Frost and others tried to save the raccoon, but the first attempt didn't work out too well, as the raccoon made a decision to climb higher.

OK, maybe there's a twisted few who were hoping for a plunge, but for the most part people watched a raccoon scaling up a building for hours. and no one argued about it. People gazed skyward with a mutual hope.

In the end, there was no need.

She reached the roof just before 3am on Wednesday, apparently unable to resist the scent of wet cat food that was waiting for her in a raccoon trap set by Wildlife Management Services.

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