Black Ops 3 is a bonus free game on PlayStation Plus

Black Ops 3 is a bonus free game on PlayStation Plus

Call of Duty Black Ops III surprisingly takes the first intermission at Sony's big E3 Press Conference. What's even better is that this offer starts tonight (June 11, 2018).

We're shown some multiplayer in-game footage to start, and with Vonderhaar explaining that the developers have taken the Specialists that they started in Call of Duty Black Ops 3 and rebuilt or reimagined them with Specialists being a main focus of the game. The Back in Black maps will include Jungle, Summit, Slums, and Firing Range. Black Ops 4 puts all its attention into three distinct modes: Multiplayer, Zombies, and the all-new battle royale mode Blackout. And frankly? We're a little confused ourselves on what's going on with the Black Op pass content, especially as the last time we checked the Activision support FAQ posted some details that they've since changed. While the special edition is something many may clamor for, the contents of the Black Ops Pass should have the attention of any COD fan. It's also unclear how Sony's DLC timed exclusivity will play into how this new content is released across the different versions of the game.

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Q: Can I buy Black Ops Pass as a standalone product? How can I upgrade to get the Black Ops Pass content? Blackout is a brand new addition to the Call of Duty franchise.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is due out on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on October 12. If you preorder the game, as a bonus you will get access to them in Black Ops 3 as well.

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