Epic will not reinstate Fortnite's Playground mode until next week

Epic will not reinstate Fortnite's Playground mode until next week

The 50v50 LTM that's replacing Final Fight will have some new guidelines compared to previous 50v50 game modes.

For Fortnite fans in the United Kingdom, it means the Fortnite rocket launch will take place at 6.30pm.

Since taking the mode offline, Epic Games has been giving regular updates on their official Twitter account, a reddit thread, and their website, but have offered no prediction for when the mode will be brought back online.

If you've been keeping track of Fortnite in recent months, you know that Epic Games likes to keep the game fresh by permanently altering the map with massive, explosive events.

The new mode of play was removed Wednesday to the chagrin of many players.

Epic Games' newest experiment - Playground Mode - went up briefly earlier this week before being taken down thanks to continued errors with matchmaking and logins for players.

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The developer will provide another update on Monday, it said.

As of this writing, we have just under 24 hours until launch.

As previously mentioned, the limited-time Playground mode also suffered from a series of issues following its launch and still hasn't returned to the rotation.

Fortnite's heralding a pretty important event tomorrow, and if you're planning on being out of the house for a bit, you may want to rethink those plans.

"When you make matches for every 1-4 people, it requires between 25x and 100x as many matches as normal per 100 people depending on their party size", the statement reads. Whether or not the mode will be released again anytime soon remains unclear at this point in time. It's been trying to get the mode back up and running over the past few days, but now it won't be playable until next week.

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