OnePlus 7 could support 5G and be sold by USA carriers

OnePlus 7 could support 5G and be sold by USA carriers

Can OnePlus' 5G phone be a hit?

Firstly, it shows us that 5G devices and, naturally, networks are rapidly approaching, and as we explain in our guide to 5G, the benefits both will deliver will be huge. OnePlus confirmed it wants to be one of them. However, 5G is likely to be a major technological change in the next 3-4 years, and mobile phone manufacturers will start rolling out devices with support for the standards in the same timeframe.

Talking to PC Mag this week, during Mobile World Congress Shanghai (China), OnePlus CEO Pete Lau said that the company's already "working with USA carriers" as it plans to launch a 5G smartphone sometime next year. Lau also shared that his firm aims to produce a 5G smartphone by 2019.

OnePlus traditionally launches a T variant of their flagship around October or November every year, but if the company decides to skip it this year, it'll be interesting to see if OnePlus abandons the T brand devices completely or just carries forward the name for the next launch. OnePlus does sell smartphones through wireless carriers in Europe, so jumping over to the USA would be another milestone for the company.

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Lau pointed out that the phones that be sold via United States carriers would be free from bloatware - pre-installed apps that users may or may not require on their phone, often permanent in nature. Lau said that the company prioritizes speed and a bloatware-free experience.

In previous years, OnePlus managed to release smartphone models with premium features and specifications that can fairly give Samsung and Apple handsets a good fight.

Given that 5G is realistically some time away from a global roll-out, OnePlus offering support on its 2019 devices might be innovation too early.

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