Your phone could send your photos in random text messages

Users on Reddit and Samsung's forums have reported that their photos are being sent to random contacts over the Samsung Messages app, and no record of the images being sent is shown.

Users' complaints on the official Samsung forums and Reddit indicated that their Samsung devices including the more recent models Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S9 have been texting contacts at random without any notification. "Last night around 2:30 am, my phone sent her my entire photo gallery over text but there was no record of it on my messages app".

T-Mobile, one of the carriers that have implemented RCS, says "It's not a T-Mobile issue", and is referring users back to Samsung. Errors included scheduled text messages ending up in the wrong threads.

In all cases, it appears the photos were sent to people on the phone owners' contacts list.

Some believe the problem stems from the conversion from the SMS messaging protocol to the new RCS (Rich Communication Services) on the native Samsung texting app. Samsung has acknowledged the problem and is working on it, but has not pointed to a cause.

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If you have a Samsung phone this would seem to be relevant information for you.

Samsung commented to Business Insider, saying: "We are aware of the reports regarding this matter and our technical teams are looking into it".

Affected users are encouraged to contact Samsung directly until a fix is issued.

Samsung acknowledged an inquiry from Gizmodo that it was aware of the bug and that it is now working on a fix. El Reg asked the chaebol for any explanation, and will let you know if we hear more.

Concerned users should ensure that Samsung Message does not have permission to access their phone's storage, which will prevent it from being able to send anything on the phone. Unfortunately, these updates may have interacted badly with Samsung's Messages app, according to the report.

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