Light is developing a smartphone with five to nine cameras

Light is developing a smartphone with five to nine cameras

Light's nine-camera phone may take advantage of this tech and put it on a smartphone.

The Post says this ambitious amera will allow for good low-light performance and "sophisticated depth effects".

The company well-known for making the Light L16 camera with 16 lenses and capable 81-megapixel images is now turning its attention onto phones.

However, based on the report, Light are planning to partner with and augment an established smartphone brand in the same way that Leica have with Huawei and HMD Global's Nokia have with Ziess Optics.

Remember Light, the company that rolled out a 16-lens camera previous year?

The company has been showing working prototype of said devices to selected journalists, according toThe Washington Post.

More details on the Light phone are not now available.

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The whole setup isn't much thicker than an iPhone X, which sounds practical and portable enough for a device with 64MP capturing capabilities. It announced a sixteen-lens camera, L16 back in 2015. But still, expect this smartphone to be priced well above the $1,00 mark.

The potential for this super high-resolution photo technology in a smartphone is dizzying but if the price of the L16 is anything to go by, it's going to be expensive and limited to flagship phones.

Given that every now and then, a Smartphone with smarter technology is launched at different corners of the world there is still a wide scope of improvements in it.

That company is none other than Light, certainly no stranger to multi-camera systems on mobile devices, having put 16 lenses on its "multi-aperture computational" L16 camera, made available in July past year. Well, you're about to get a case of phone-camera-envy anyway.

Cameras on smartphones are a much bigger deal than they used to be.

By comparison, the Light L16 captures 52-megapixel shots using its 16 cameras.

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