Apple Music Now Has More Paying Subscribers Than Spotify in the US

Apple Music Now Has More Paying Subscribers Than Spotify in the US

The anonymous report revealed that both Spotify and Apple Music enjoy around 20 millions paying listeners in the United States, with Apple Music reportedly in the lead.

This report comes from Digital Music News, which cites an unnamed major music distributor in the U.S. as the source of these claims.

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Citing a detailed report from "a US-based, major distributor", Digital Music News claims Apple and Spotify are neck and neck with just over 20 million paid USA subscribers each, with Apple claiming a slight edge for the first time. Many believed that it was just a matter of time before Apple Music grabs the top spot in the music streaming service. It's worth noting that Sirius XM Satellite Radio, which operates in North America exclusively, is now at the top spot with more than 33 million subscribers. The new report follows an earlier Wall Street Journal story suggesting Apple Music's rate of growth was on pace to eventually pass Spotify in the U.S. Apple Music, however, is "a hair ahead", which is not a surprise. Overall, Apple Music has garnered over 45 million subscribers across the globe, with an additional 5-10 million estimated users listening with free trials.

Back in February, music industry analytics have predicted that Apple Music would have more paying subscribers than Spotify by the end of this year's summer. That's no small task, though Apple Music still has a long way to go if it wants to catch up globally. It will be interesting to see how Spotify responds if and when this news becomes official.

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