George Clooney "fine" after motorbike crash in Italy

George Clooney has been released from the hospital after a motorcycle accident on the Italian island of Sardinia, according to his representative.

George Clooney has been rushed to hospital after a motorbike crash.

Clooney is now filming his new TV series "Catch 22" on the island, which also features Hugh Laurie and Austin Stowell ("Whiplash").

It's thought he has sustained a hip injury from the incident and has since been released from hospital.

Local daily La Nuova Sardegna said Clooney's injuries were not serious, but he was taken to the John Paul II hospital emergency room.

The US actor, 57, was said to be riding his motorbike at Costa Corallina, Puntaldia, when he collided with a Mercedes auto on Tuesday morning, according to TGR Rai Sardegna.

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Clooney is in Sardinia to film a miniseries based on Joseph Heller's book "Catch 22", the news agency said.

"Catch-22" is slated to air next year.

CNN reported that Clooney also told the police that he was "fine".

Clooney has a home on the Italian mainland, on Lake Como.

The two were married in 2014 at the Aman Canal Grande resort in Venice, Italy.

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