Homicide victim's family stages him playing video game at wake

Homicide victim's family stages him playing video game at wake

The 18-year-old Matthews will be buried Tuesday.

The family of a New Orleans teen who was killed in a shooting two weeks ago celebrated his life Sunday by choosing to have his body prepared in a unique way.

Matthews would usually stay at home and only venture outside to walk the dog, his mother, Temeka Matthews, told WGNO-TV.

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The family also placed a video game controller in his hands, laid out a few of his favorite snacks and had a Celtics game playing on the TV in front of where the body was displayed. He also loved to play video games and the Boston Celtics.

With this in mind, when Matthews was being prepared for the wake, his family made a decision to have him presented in a way that spoke to who he was and what he loved. Playing on the screen was an NBA2K simulated game between the Celtics and the Golden State Warriors, and behind Matthews were rows of chairs for the ceremony.

While some may find this rather peculiar, the sentiment reminds me of the concept of altars and shrines for the fallen in which people would place items representing the person and what they love.

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