Nerve agent poisoning inquiry spreads to Swindon as vehicle seized

Nerve agent poisoning inquiry spreads to Swindon as vehicle seized

Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu, the head of Counter Terrorism Policing which is leading the investigation, said he was "unable to say" if Ms Sturgess's death is linked to the poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal, his daughter Yulia and police officer Nick Bailey in Salisbury in March but it is their "main line of inquiry".

Rowley, 45, remains critically ill in hospital.

The couple, named locally as Dawn Sturgess 44, and Charlie Rowley, 45 were taken to Salisbury District Hospital on Saturday. Police suspect Rowley and Sturgess handled an item from the first attack, which Britain blames on Russian Federation.

Bunches of flowers have been left near to the police cordon at the site.

BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner tweeted: "The death. pushes the #Amesbury case onto a whole new plane".

They had a working hypothesis that the two poisoning incidents were connected, he said, although he added that there were no current plans for further sanctions against Russian Federation.

They must have got a high dose and our hypothesis is that they must have handled a container that we are seeking.

Per CNN, authorities now believe that Sturgess and Rowley came into contact with a contaminated item via their hands, but now lack the ability to determine whether the poison is from the same batch that the Skripals ingested. Novichok strands five and seven are believed to be the most risky but their exact composition is a closely guarded secret. All three survived; officials have not said publicly whether they have any lasting impairments.

Later they confirm that the man and woman had come into contact with Novichok. This will be helped when they are in a protective container. Could you perhaps come up with something new?

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But what does this mean for the public?

However, Peskov also said he was unaware of anybody linking Moscow with this month's poisoning of a couple in Amesbury, which comes four months after Sergei and Yulia Skripal were poisoned with the same substance in nearby Salisbury.

Friends told the British press that Rowley would often search dumpsters for items to barter or sell.

At room temperature, nerve agents are normally liquids. Kremlin officials issued a statement earlier Monday noting the proximity of the Porton Down Laboratory to the poisonings. The nerve agent sarin is considered to be volatile as it can quickly be evaporated and breathed in by humans.

Mr Javid, who visited Wiltshire on Sunday, said Ms Sturgess's death "only strengthens our resolve to find out exactly what has happened".

They warned the public not to be alarmed.

Public Health England has been heavily involved in the clean-up operation in both Amesbury and Salisbury and has continued to warn there is little risk to the public - despite the tragic death of Sturgess and Rowley's continued critical condition.

Police are yet to recover that item but Public Health England said the risk to the public is low and warned against picking up "any odd items such as needles, syringes or unusual containers".

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