Embassy warns Americans to keep a 'low profile' during Trump visit

Embassy warns Americans to keep a 'low profile' during Trump visit

Americans living in Britain have been warned to "keep a low profile" during Donald Trump's visit to avoid being caught up in "violent" protests.

Trump arrives in Britain on Thursday after the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Belgium and will stay overnight at the central London residence of the USA ambassador, where a high metal security fence has been erected outside.

LONDON, July 11 (Reuters) - Britain on Wednesday geared up for the arrival of Donald Trump just hours after the US president waded into the Brexit crisis gripping Prime Minister Theresa May's government and portrayed the closest USA ally in Europe as a country in turmoil.

Temporary signs indicate road closures around the USA ambassador's residence, where special fences have been erected prior to the US presidential visit at the end of the week, in Regent's Park in London, Britain, July 10, 2018.

An alert posted on the embassy's website Tuesday listed advice for any America who unexpectedly finds themselves caught up in an anti-Trump demonstration.

The giant diaper-clad Trump baby blimp that will fly over London during President Donald Trump's visit will soon embark on a world tour.

Tens of thousands are expected to take to the streets in protest of Trump's policies but there is no indication they will be anything but peaceful.

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In the Tuesday memo, the U.S. Embassy in London alerted citizens to the "numerous demonstrations" that could "attract large crowds" that may be less than agreeable toward Americans.

According to Murray, the 20-foot-high image of diapered Trump clutching a phone in his tiny hands is supposed to be seen as, "Not a protest against America or Americans".

On Wednesday, the Guardian newspaper reported "the United Kingdom police mobilisation for Trump's visit would be the largest since the 2011 English riots", when London was shocked by five days of violence and unrest, with wild scenes of looting and arson, met by mass deployment of 10,000 police.

With Mr Trump set to travel to Scotland on Friday evening after meeting the Queen at Windsor Castle, a rally is planned for Glasgow's George Square.

Norfolk members of Together Against Trump are planning to join protests in London and have organised a coach to get people to the capital.

The Scotland United Against Trump protest will start in front of parliament before marching through the city, past the US Consulate and finishing in the meadows.

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