Trump touches down in United Kingdom on first official visit as president

The visit is seen as crucial at setting the course for a closer trading relationship between the two countries.

Security is still a cornerstone of the relationship, as are trade and less tangible things like shared language and the fact that many Americans are proud of their British roots.

US President Donald Trump arrived Thursday in Britain, where he will find his own wall set up even as preparations for protests against his four-day visit are in full swing.

Mr Morgan asked if Mr Khan would have approved a large black blimp featuring former US President Barack Obama, or an image depicting the London mayor as a pig - something which would offend his Muslim faith.

He touched down in Britain for his first official visit and has already brushed off mass protests by saying: "I think they like me a lot in the UK" and caused Theresa May a major new headache over Brexit.

"Several of the events are expected to attract large crowds and there will be road closures in connection with those events", the statement said.

The Trump Baby Blimp is inflated during a practice test, at Bingfield Park in north London. A YouGov poll on Wednesday showed 77 percent had an unfavorable opinion of the president and just 50 percent thought his visit should go ahead.

However, despite the welcome from May, many Britons remain deeply opposed to Trump's visit.

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10 Downing Street said she would be meeting with schoolchildren and veterans on Friday, accompanied by Philip May, U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May's husband. That includes this week's resignations of members of the Cabinet and Parliament over May's proposals to keep some agreements intact after leaving the European Union next year.

Tens of thousands of people are expected to protest against Trump's visit in central London on Friday, citing his alleged Islamophobia, controversial policies and "incendiary rhetoric" towards people with disabilities and the LGBTQ community.

They added: "Rather than an attack on one minority, Trump is an attack on the idea of diversity, and the ability for people to live their lives in a way that doesn't affect anyone else...this is about standing in solidarity with this is about protecting our right to be different from one another and to get along".

"Inevitably there are a number of factors", he continues, "not only around the profile of someone with the status of Trump coming in, but also the fact that there are many other extraneous measures that need to be considered". She pointed out there are many issues that legislators have urged her to raise with her American counterpart.

In a bid to steer clear of the protests, the United States president's itinerary largely avoids the capital - and any other large cities in the UK - with much of his trip being conducted in private estates or palaces.

She says they have "turned a blind eye" to the situation.

It would be a blow for Britain to lose that special status, said Shashank Joshi, a British security analyst. "It is important we send a message", she said. "But the protest tomorrow in central London, where the Metropolitan Police have taken the decision not to allow a platform for speakers, that is an absolute disgrace, and the minister must intervene immediately to put this right".

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