Apple Releases New MacBook Pros

Apple Releases New MacBook Pros

The company late last month announced that it would fix Macbook keyboards for free after acknowledging that they were prone to break.

The Back To School / off to university sale is open to students and teachers with some big savings to be grabbed on iPads, MacBooks and Apple Music subscriptions. That's one complaint with the current MacBook Pro keyboards.

That's a lot of coin to throw at storage, especially when compared to the price of external storage, but if you want fast internal storage, then you can't say Apple hasn't given you the option.

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Kuo predicted that Apple, in addition to launching three new iPhone models, plans to update almost its entire Mac and MacBook line-up this fall. No awful butterfly keyboard here! It comes in an integrated design that brings high-end desktop class graphics processing to MacBook Pro for professional video workflows, 3D games and immersive VR. This model was continuously updated and upgraded with the latest specs until May 2015 with the mid-2015 model. Even more surprising is the fact that the shipment displayed below is a build to order model, with an upgraded CPU, RAM, and storage configuration. The classic MacBook Pro also had an HDMI port. The new iPad Pro models are set to introduce Face ID and an updated bezel-less design, Kuo said, and will come in two sizes: an updated 12.9-inch model and a 11-inch version. Interestingly, consumers don't have to wait long to purchase them in Malaysia though as these new notebooks are available for order through Apple Malaysia's website.

As ever there are two new models that are going to hit shop shelves, a 15-inch MacBook Pro and a 13-inch model.

Blackmagic's eGPU will work with Thunderbolt 3-based Apple computers running MacOS 10.13.5 or later, including MacBook Pro computers from 2016 and later, the 2017 iMac and the iMac Pro. Apple says the new MacBook Pros come with a third-generation keyboard that's quieter than before, but it continues to have the same butterfly switch mechanism and key travel that made the previous gen of MacBook Pros so controversial. FaceTime now adds support for group calling, and the Mac App Store gets a full redesign featuring editorial content and the addition of apps from top developers, including Microsoft and Adobe.

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