Third Thailand cave rescue mission under way

Third Thailand cave rescue mission under way

Some divers rescuing the boys trapped in a cave in northern Thailand have traversed about 10 miles over the past two days.

A witness near the cave told the Reuters news agency that medical workers carried four people to emergency rescue vehicles.

Four other youngsters and their soccer coach are still inside.

Musk had been posting on social media for days about wanting to help rescue efforts in Thailand, and Business Insider has confirmed that he traveled to the Southeast Asian country. Four additional boys, along with their 25-year-old soccer coach, remain in the cave and await the next round of rescues, CNN reported. But officials waited several hours before confirming their rescue.

Osatanakorn said officials did not want to waste time because of intensifying rain that could halt rescue efforts.

Dr. Richard Harris, an Australian anesthetist who is also well-known as an expert cave diver, has been helping to treat the boys and ensure their safe removal. Other divers were on guard along the risky first kilometer of the passageway.

All the eight rescued survivors are now quarantined in the clean ward of the hospital.

The team had to pause rescue efforts as weather conditions worsened and made the narrow cave system more hard to navigate.

The group were discovered by British divers 10 days later and rescue operations have been accelerated after further monsoon conditions were predicted.

Thai cave operation: Pumps failed after last boy rescued
The boys were held close to the divers and remained motionless for parts of the journey where they had to dive. At least two companies are also looking to make a film telling the story of the rescue.

Tech inventor Elon Musk has developed a "tiny, kid-size submarine" that could help rescue the four boys and their soccer coach who remain trapped in a flooded cave in Thailand.

Rescue chief Narongsak on Sunday described their journey out, escorted by the elite divers, as "smooth".

Their families were being kept at a distance because of fears of infection and the emaciated-looking boys were eating a rice-based porridge because they were still too weak to take regular food, authorities said.

A crack team of foreign divers and Thai Navy SEALS guided four boys on Sunday and a further four on Monday through narrow, submerged channels from the muddy bank deep inside the Tham Luang cave where they had been stranded for more than two weeks.

Somboon Sompiangjai is the father of one of the 12 boys.

US personnel have staged equipment and prepared the first three chambers of the cave system for safe passage, he said.

On July 8-9, divers managed to bring out eight children, who were taken to the hospital in helicopters.

"I'm happy for Thais all over the country", he said.

People around the world are following the developments in Thailand.

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